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Haunted House Ratings

Haunted House Ratings is built around a database of haunts and their details. You can search for haunts by Zip code or by state. This site uses ColdFusion and MS SQL Server.

Installers Depot

Installers Depot is built around a database of electrical installation products and electrical test equipment. The e-commerce engine is

Sentinels of Liberty

Sentinels of Liberty is a Responsive site that uses the w3.css RWD stylesheet.

Link Logical Solutions (LLS) builds user-friendly, affordable Web sites. If you are looking for a place where you can have a Web site made for you without exorbitant cost, then LLS is for you!

The staff at LLS are friendly and knowledgeable. We stay in touch with you throughout the development process, so you know what is happening, and why, with your Web site!

The owner of LLS, Jim Link, is registered as a freelance developer at Upwork.com if you would like to see his profile there.